Ohio Pawnbroker License PB.100037  
Columbus Area
 Lev's Pawn1-3446 E.Main st.  Lev's Pawn2-216 E.Main st.  
 Lev's Pawn4-1275 Parsons av.  Lev's Pawn5-1900 Parsons av.
 Lev's Pawn6-1005 W.Broad st.  Lev's Pawn7-999 W.Broad st.  Lev's Pawn8-2404 W.Broad st.
 Lev's Pawn9-785 E.Hudson st.  Lev's Pawn10-1174 W.Fifth av.  Lev's Pawn11-2463 Cleveland   av.
 Lev's Pawn18-2600 Morse Rd.
 Lev's Pawn19-2200 E.Dublin-Granville Rd.
 Lev's Pawn20-1025 Mt.Vernon
 Lev's Pawn22-3524 E.Broad St.
Out of Columbus
Lancaster, OH.
 Lev's Pawn12-125 W.Main st.
Dayton, OH.
 Lev's Pawn13-3551 Salem av.
Fairborn, OH.
 Lev's Pawn14-65 S.Broad st.
Out of Ohio
Huntington, IN.
 Lev's Pawn15-N.Jefferson st.
Ft. Wayne, IN.
 Lev's Pawn16-1408 N.Wells st.
Ft. Wayne, IN.
 Lev's Pawn17-3218 S.Clinton   st.

Pawn Shop
Lev's Pawn Shops have been around for a long time. We specialize in buying, selling, and trading used merchandise. We typically get the merchandise when someone needs a loan and sells the item to the pawn shop.
We sell a wide variety of previously-owned merchandise at reasonable prices. Our large inventory, represented by the categories on this site.
Whether you are a local or a visitor, stop by any of our 20 convenient locations and discover for yourself why we have such happy customers.
We are open 8 HOURS A DAY . .If you are looking for in pre-owned merchandise or need a FAST CASH LOAN, we can help you! Please follow our links to our stores and specials. See for yourself that the Lev's Pawn Shops in Columbus Ohio have GREAT DEALS! And don't be afraid to ask questions - we are here to serve YOU!

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Employment Opportunity
If You like to submit a resume for future consideration, feel free to e-mail your resume to: questions@levspawn.com
Jewelry, Gemstones,  Designer, Artisan Jewelry,  Jewelry Supplies, Watches and so on...
Guitars, Keyboards, Drum Sets, Amps, Trumpets,  Speakers....
Hand, Power Air, Cordless, Corded, Sets, Industrials tools..
All Consumer Electronics. Home Audio & Video , Computers & Office ,
 Film & Movie Cameras,   Lenses, Binoculars & Telescopes, Lighting & Studio Equipment, Camera Body Parts/Accessories,  Projection Equipment.
Cars, Luxury Cars,   Minivans & Vans, Parts & Accessories,  weels, Tiers, Rims, Car Radios, Car Speakers and Accessories.
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